"Thanks for keepin it real."

Student Impact


NOTE: To preserve the authenticty of the personal testimonies, the following have been left exactly as given to us. 


My name is Allie. I go to east lime stone the school you visited yesterday. I really loved what yall did. Pretty much everything you talked about I've been through. I started crying. When you did the skits about suicide and cutting and bulimia. It all started in seventh grade. I lost my virginity to an older guy, and it wasn't by choice. Well my parents found out and they were mad at ME which made everything worse because I loved the boy and he took advantage of me. Which hurt worse than anyone can imagine. I began cutting and tried to take my own life twice. The second attempt my mom found out because my bestfriend stephanie thankfully called her and my mom threatened to put me on suicide watch. I've never considered myself beautiful. I've always been made fun of for my weight. I was bullied throughout elementary school and I moved schools alot. Well last year I had a boyfriend that was abusive and would tell me I'm fat. So I began purging and I stopped eating completely. I lived off gum and sweet tea and sometimes chips. My mom found out about me cutting and got really mad. She took me to counseling and I slowly got better. But last year I started having pains in my chest and couldn't breathe. I was told that I have anxiety. Then I found out we had to move. I'm from Kentucky and recently moved to alabama. I was mad at them but I'm so happy here now. I haven't cut since I've been here and I've only had one anxiety attack. I have people here that love me and it's amazing how God works. Thank you for listening to my story. But your skits were so real to me because I've been there. And my boyfriend was asking me if I was okay and he knows some of my past but I just looked at him and I was crying and I said "to you that was just a skit because you've never been there. But to me that was real." And he started crying.


I just want to say thank you for coming to Nitro High School. And share my story... Last year, as a junior, I of course had big dreams planned out for my upcoming senior year. I was, and still am, involved in several different clubs. Looking at me, you'd think I was the happiest girl in the world, but on the inside, there was something wrong. Every night before I'd go to bed, I'd write a suicide note and place it in my night stand, because I didn't think I could make it through the night. I also kept blades next to the note. It was a lot of things that sat off my depression. Just the way someone would look at me would make me feel like I wasn't needed to exist anymore. This went on for a few months. And if I was depressed, I'd just cut myself and then go to school the next day covered up and no body knew what was happening. Until one day, my boyfriend at the time, who is now my ex but also my best friend, was looking at my arms and asked why I had band aides on them. He peeled them off and saw the cuts. He talked to me and helped me realize that nothing that anyone can say or do is worth killing yourself over. It took me a while to completely stop and I quit writing the notes every night. None of my other friends, family or even my teachers know that I contemplated suicide almost every night for my first semester of my junior year. My now best friend broke me out of my box and saved my life. Once I finally wasn't afraid of how others thought of me, my eyes were open. In June, I had one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Drew Wendt, commit suicide. I had never actually had him for a class yet, but the last thing he had said to me before summer brake was, "I hope you have a great summer, keep your head up, keep smiling, and I can't wait to see you walk across that stage next year in May. You're going to do great things." A month later, he was gone... Just a few months after that, one of my friend's sisters went home, and took her life... And no one knows why. These events had made everything even clearer to me. If I want to keep their memories known, I have to be here to do it. Mr. Wendt was right, I am going to do great things. In the fall, I will be attending West Virginia State and will be majoring in Special Needs Education with a degree in history, in honor of Mr. Wendt. This year has been great compared to last year. I haven't cut, and the few times I have felt the urge, my best friend was there for me. So I just want to say thank you for coming to my school and letting people realize that self-harming is a real problem that we need to address. Thank you for what you guys do, and I can't wait to see the concert on Thursday.
~ Kaeleigh 


I just wanted to thank you so much. This year has been pretty awful. It is my own living hell, but when you came to nitro it truly inspired me. I stood up for those who we lost for several people, but mostly my best friend in the entire world, Ericka Brown. She was taken from us in August. She was my ride or die, I miss that country girl everyday. Today I did cry during your speech because it's all true. I wish I could make her stay away from weed, but I didn't try to stop her. It kills me. Well, anyways, drugs didn't directly kill her, but she became a prostitute for money to buy drugs and she met Ernest, the devil who took my beautiful best friend. It's been rough. But knowing someone cares really opened my eyes. I threw away my razor blade... I don't intend to ever self harm again. Thank you so much. It means a lot. You really made me smile with how inspiring you are! I hope one day I change people like you do
~ Lins