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Expand Your Tent Pegs (Is. 54:2)

Be Relentless (Mk. 5:22-42)

A Short Tour/David Saving the Sheep

Let's Bring Healing to Students Together (Acts 10:38)

We Need You! Don't Quit!

Welcome to New FM and New Incentives 

Faith is NOW!! (1 Samuel 17)

Unstoppable Faith (Is 54)


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Val Norton - Introduction: Part 1 (1-25-14)

Bill Ballenger - Casting Vision: Part 2 (1-25-14)

Assembly Skit Overview: Part 3 (1-25-14)

Bill Campbell - Churches: Part 4 (1-25-14)

Mark Murphy - Superintendents & Schools: Part 5 (1-25-14)

Amy Withrow - Internship: Part 6 (1-25-14)

Documentary & Closings: Part 7 (1-25-14)