FM Report


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*List LECs in place for an Option 1, 2, or 3 event and at what phase of the event process

they are at: 

*List single assemblies you are working towards booking. List schools you're contacting, list

contact info and dates if booked. Share assemblies, schools, and people you are wanting to

approach and book as well:

*List any churches, ministries or events in mind for booking BALLENGER that would be single

concerts (like Big Ticket, Hope Fest, etc.) List possibilities here and any progress in booking


*What churches, youth groups or camps are you negotiating with to get Bill and the BTG

team into for speaking engagements? List the ministries and organizations here and contact

info: (Remember that approval is needed before confirming church bookings.)

How can BTG make being a Field Manager easier or a better experience for you?