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BTG Field Manager Job Description



Break the Grey is in search of field managers who would be located across America and Canada. A field manager aggressively pursues bookings for the organization of Break the Grey. These bookings would include: big event weeks, single and clusters of assemblies, single concerts, speaking engagements, festivals, youth camps, community events, church and youth group engagements, youth events, and Meet and Greets. A field Manager is an independent contractor under the direct supervision of the International Director of Operations. They would pursue these bookings, while fostering and maintaining strong inter-departmental and cross-functional partnerships both inside and outside the organization.



The primary responsibilities of the field Manager are (but are not limited to):

  • Works closely with International Director of Operations and her assistant, other field manager team members, community volunteers, schools, churches and clients to execute events where Bill Ballenger and the Break the Grey team will perform, speak and change lives. Reports back to International Director of Operations with dates and details of bookings.

  • Responsible for researching, negotiating, and executing all bookings and the necessary paperwork related to Break the Grey.

  • Send periodic emails to the International Director of Operations.

  • Manages volunteer Local Event Coordinators who bring BTG into an area with a big event, overseeing they make their deposits established from their projected budgets given and ensures BTG is paid promptly, and that all requirements as listed in the LEC Handbook is followed by the LEC.

  • Negotiates with school principals, counselors and other school administration to secure assembly bookings, making sure assembly contracts are signed and submitted to International Director of Operations.

  • Implements social media strategies for Break the Grey in advertising their position and to promote BTG.

  • Serve as the liaison between LEC's and International Director of Operations and Corporate BTG.

  • Keeps records of bookings (forms available), keeping calendar events, coordinating dates with other scheduled bookings.

  • Develops and implements research to reach new target cities, schools and churches.

  • Works at recruiting BTG interns 18-24 anytime they can.

  • Attends annual BTG Fundraising & Intern Graduation Banquet and Field Manager conference in May, which is highly encouraged.

  • Has a working cell phone and computer to do the research, emailing, texting and social media promotion necessary for this position.



The preferred field Manager candidate will possess the following:

Knowledge: knowledge of computer skills, emailing, social media promotion and advertising, and event planning principles as well as experience in working with teams of people, understanding of and experience in sales and promotion, clear understanding of Christian ministry and evangelism

Work Experience: experience in working with teams of people, experience in social media, experience in working from home and being self motivated in dedicating time necessary in an at-home position, experience in public relations, telecommunication experience

Education: High school diploma required, any associates or higher in Business (not mandated but helpful); public relations, human resources, communications, sales, ministry, office work, receptionist or related field, formatting documents, Word, Excel, grammar, or life experience in any of these areas through internships, volunteer positions or work positions.

Preference: familiarity with Break the Grey assemblies, concerts, etc., and full grasp of the vision and mission of BTG. Experience in ministries or organizations that help youth and counseling or human resource experience are helpful.

Skills: detail oriented, proficient in sales, multitasking, strong communications skills, teamwork skills, proper grammar usage, proficient in Microsoft Office, excel, understanding of technology, social media, internet research, phone sales skills, able to negotiate with clients on fees, aggressive, passionate and self-motivated to make phone calls, emails, and texts, etc. Study and know the Field Manager Manual and Local Event Coordinator Handbook.

Personal Characteristics: ability to interact and communicate effectively with a diverse group of people both internally and externally of the organization; the ability to be flexible and to be able to prioritize various projects going on at once; self-starter; responsive, analytical and creative; Christian committed to sharing the Gospel and reaching troubled youth; strong work ethic and time management skills.





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