• Where is Break the Grey Located?Break the Grey headquarters and office is located in Fort Wayne, IN
  • How did Break the Grey get started?
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  • How much is tuition?
  • The total cost of tuition for a 1st year intern is $6,000. The tuition is broke up into monthly payments starting the month after you are accepted.Tuition must be paid in full before you arrive.
  • What does my tuition cover?
  • Intern support pays for travel, housing, and access to the many items provided for the intern's training and life throughout the internship.
  • When does the Internship year start and end?
  • BTG fall internship is from August-May. BTG winter internship is from January-July. The date for graduation varies, but is always in May. Exact dates will be announced after applying.
  • Can my family visit me?
  • Families are allowed to visit the Break the Grey as long as it's scheduled ahead of time with your director. Families are also encouraged to attend assemblies and concerts.
  • How Often Can I go home?
  • There will be two major holiday breaks (Thanksgiving and Christmas). We will give you a calendar of exact dates once you arrive for the internship.
  • How much free time will I have?
  • Break the Grey is an ongoing ministry and you may have to work evenings and weekends while on tour or preparing for a tour week. If BTG is not on tour or has any major commitments you will have Monday-Friday evenings after office work until curfew, Saturday until curfew, and Sunday afternoons after the morning service at Life Bridge church.
  • What about meals?
  • Break the Grey provides the necessities to cook meals each day. Each intern will be required to help clean up and serve dinner at least once per week. Breakfast and lunch foods will be in the kitchen for each intern to take as they please.
  • What about Laundry?
  • Washers and dryers are provided in the laundry rooms. However, interns are required to purchase their own detergent, fabric softener, starch, laundry basket, etc.
  • How many roomates will I have?
  • At the BTG headquarters you will be living in a room with a minimum of 2 roommates and a maximum of 8 roommates.
  • Can I bring a vehicle?
  • Yes, however, the vehicle must have proof of active insurance throughout the entire internship year.
  • How often will I travel?
  • Break the Grey travels anywhere from once a month to four weeks out of the month depending on booking and what team you are placed on.
  • Will I get to be on The Cast Live?
  • Break the Grey Staff will determine week by week who will be on The Cast Live according to the needs of Break the Grey.
  • Do I have to perform?
  • Break the Grey staff places interns in areas they are interested in, however BTG is a "all hands on deck" organization and you may be asked to perform.
  • Is Break the Grey a christian organization?
  • Break the Grey does not deny their faith in God and leads the interns through a Godly leadership and discipleship program. However Break the Grey as a whole does not share Jesus or the Gospel in public School assemblies.
  • To learn the BTG standards, click here to read our handbook.

Further questions? Contact Anna Pranger at 260-409-8321 or send her an email at interndirectorbtg@gmail.com


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