"Thanks for keepin it real."



 Sky Curtis                                           Fall 2018. Graduated as a 1st Year Intern 

 "My year at Break the Grey has helped   me  focus on myself and who God has   made me to be! Before I came to Break   the  Grey I knew about God, but now as   I'm leaving I truly know God! I've been   given opportunities to be the joyful leader I   was made to be! After graduation I will be   getting married in July and beginning to   pursue the desires the Lord has put on my   heart. I will always be thankful for the  impact everyone here has made in my life!"


 Olivia Ward                                          Fall 2018. Graduated as a 1st Year Intern

 "My time at Break The Grey has been   incredible! During this time I've learned   more about myself and people, more so   than I ever thought possible. I've been   blessed with lifetime friends who have   become a family. I'm excited to come back   as a second year intern in August. I look   forward to growing with this amazing   ministry and watching God flourish my   gifting in a more tangible way!"

 Bailey Russell                               Fall 2017, Fall 2018. Graduated as a 1st   Year Intern and 2nd year Intern

 "My second year with Break the Grey has   been just as amazing as my first year. I   have learned so much about myself.   Starting my second year I was still really   shy and afraid to show who I really was.   Now I have grown into a new person and I   am excited to keep seeking God as he   reveals my true identity. I am also excited   to continue with Break the Grey and return   next term for my third year as an intern."

 Miranda Nose                              Fall 2017, Fall 2018. Graduated as a 1st   Year Intern and a 2nd year Intern

 "These past two years have been life   altering. From the assemblies and events   that set my heart on fire, to the teachings   that revolutionized my walk with Christ, I   cannot put into words how Break the Grey   has changed my life forever. Because of   this program, I have a genuine, intimate   relationship with Jesus. I now have the   ability to dream, and then to dream even   bigger. I want to especially thank my leaders for individually mentoring me and pouring into me relentlessly these past few years and my family for always loving and supporting me. They didn't give up on me, and because of that I am a completely different person than when I walked in the door August of 2016. I will be coming back to Break the Grey as a third year and I could not be more excited to continue this journey."


 Tiffany Burdette           Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Fall 2018 Graduated   as a 1st year Intern, 2nd Year Intern and   3rd year Intern

 "I have had the honor and privilege of   spending three amazing years here at   Break the Grey, growing from all the   leadership that has come from this   season. I have grown into a mature   woman  and I have more confidence in   everything I do. Just like how flowers need   nutrients in order to grow & flourish, I have gained the nutrients I needed as an individual to step out into the world and make a true difference. After graduation I will begin Field Managing for Break the Grey and stepping into my next phase of life as God directs. Thank you Break The Grey for everything you've done for me! "

 Maguire Sell                                        Fall  2017. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "My experience with Break the Grey has  truly been an adventure that I will never  forget. Break the Grey has taught me  leadership that has altered the way I live  my  life. I have been poured into by  people  that love me, and care about my well  being. I am so grateful for  everyone. They  will always be apart of  my life and I  am so  exited for my future  with Break the  Grey!"


 Jacob Pierson                               Fall 2016, Fall 2017. Graduated 1st year  Intern and 2nd Year Intern.

 "If I were to summarize the past two years  of my life it would be one word,  leadership. I've experienced incredible  growth as a leader. I have been given  countless opportunities to help guide my  fellow interns. I look forward to my 3rd  year here at Break the Grey and I can't  wait to see how God is going to use me."

 Noah Bryant                    Winter 2016. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "My time at Break the Grey was by far  the  most challenging and rewarding  part of my  life. When I first arrived at  Break the Grey,  I was a shy graduate only a few weeks  out  of  High School. During my time here I  grew to become a new person, and I  carried what I learned into the next  chapter of my life. I am now attending  college back home in  Georgia."


 WINTER 2015. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "Break the Grey has had an impact on me  that has gone beyond being a student  sitting in an assembly back in 2010  and  2012.  Graduating high school, I  didn't have a clue  what to do next. When  I found the Break  the Grey Internship, it  was like a breath of fresh air. Now,  Break the Grey is without a  doubt one of  the best decisions I've made in my life.  Not only have I had the opportunity to  grow as a person- in my confidence and  in  my abilities- but I've made bonds with incredible people that will last the rest of my life. Never before have I been happier: with myself, with my life, and where I'm heading after I graduate the Internship. Break the Grey is definitely for anyone who wants to make a change, whether it be for others or for themselves."

 ALLAYNAH BOUSCHER   WINTER 2014. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "My time at Break the Grey was amazing  and if I could do it over again I would. I  helped change so many lives while I was  there but in the process it changed my  life for the better. I made so many  awesome  friends that will always be in  my life. It  was a blast!"


 WINTER 2014. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "My time as a Break the Grey Intern was  one of personal growth and being  challenged. The challenge of rising to  the occasion and  being excellent in all I  did. This included living with 18 plus  people, I had never known. What I did  though, was experience  and see the  faces of students who needed  someone  to talk to. Someone to actually be  real  with them. As a graduating 1st year  intern, I appreciate all I have learned about  myself and about the family I gained through Break the Grey."


 FALL 2014. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "As a Break the Grey Intern, I've learned a  lot about life and also how to live with a  lot of different people. Life is hard  sometimes, but with good and inspiring  people around you, it gets a little easier.  BTG has been a big part of my life and  will  continue to be as I go on to other  things."


 FALL 2014. Graduated 1st Year Intern. 

 "Break the Grey has truly helped me be  able  to come out of my comfort zone. I  got the chance to talk to 100s of  students that  dealt with everything from  suicide, down to  their parents getting a  divorce, and that alone has been so  amazing! NOW that I've  graduated, I plan  on going home and  working with the  youth there and helping  struggling teens  just like I did."

 SUMMER 2014. Graduated Summer Intern.

 "When I first found out about Break the  Grey I knew that I wanted to be a part of  it. I am grateful for the opportunity that   I had to be a summer intern. The  experiences that I had at Break the Grey  were life changing and I will never forget  the friends that I have made because of  it. I'm hoping to return sometime as a  second  year intern."


 WINTER 2013, FALL 2013. Graduated 1st

 Year Intern and 2nd Year Intern. Currently  married to Alumni Mikayla Calhoun, who  he  met at the Internship

 "Being a part of Break the Grey the past  year and a half has been such an  incredible  journey itself. I have had the  opportunity to  perform skits, play music,  & share my testimony to over 46,000  students. I can't  explain how much I have  grown as a person."


 WINTER 2013, FALL 2013. Graduated

 1st Year and 3rd Year Internship. Brett  was  excellerated to a 3rd Year status  after  graduating his 1st Year, and is now  married  to Amy, who he met during the  Internship.

 "Because of BTG I have found my identity.  Because of BTG I have found my calling in  life. Because of BTG I have found a wife"


 FALL 2013, SUMMER 2014, FALL 2014.  Graduated 1st Year, 2nd Year, and  Summer  Internship. 

 "Truth be told, BTG is an all around life  changing experience, in every aspect of  the  internship. I have accelerated into  the man that I've been wanting to be for  a long time. There is nothing that can  rival the mission, the people, or  experiences I've had or met! I  will always  have a family here and will always be  Break The Grey and that is so  cool."



 "After two years as a Break The Grey  intern, our college age son gained a much  deeper understanding of how to better  relate to different situations and  personalities. He traveled and learned  team building skills, expanded his  performance talents and helped other  young people have better lives. Break  The  Grey taught him honor, respect and  fidelity and gave him a solid foundation  for  the rest of his life. As parents of a Break The Grey Intern, we would recommend this internship to any college age young person looking to expand their talents, help other young people, travel and work as a team, build lifelong friendships and memories, and grow through relationships with dedicated coaches and mentors."


 FALL 2013, SUMMER 2014, FALL   2014, FALL  2015. Graduated 1st Year,   2nd Year 3rd  year, and Summer   Internship.

 "When Break the Grey came to my school,  I had NO IDEA the impact that they  would  have on my life in future months  and now  years. The Break the Grey staff,  my fellow  interns, and the students I've  met are  incredible contributors to the  person I am  today. Not only have I been  able to impact  thousands, but I also get  to do what I love. I  have been able to use my passion for music and performing and take it to levels I could have never thought possible. I am honored to have been apart of everything."

 FALL 2013. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "If I could say anything about Break the  Grey, it would be something along the  lines of how much this place has really  grown me mentally, physically, &  morally.  I appreciate all my leaders like  the lovely  Amy or the stupendous second  years. I'd  like to end this with a heart  full of love for  this place."

 FALL 2013, FALL 2014. Graduated 1st Year  and 2nd Year Internship. 

 "I have grown so much at Break the Grey  since starting in August 2013. I will  definitely miss the laughs and late night  rehearsals that at times, seem endless. I  will not forget the life long friendships I  have made. Also, I won't forget how  Break  the Grey has helped develop me  into the  leader I am today. BTG has been  a big part  of my journey and will leave a  long lasting  impact as I continue my journey to Oral Roberts University in the fall!"


 "As a parent of a 2nd year BTG intern  graduate, I can't say enough about the   life changing impact the   BTG internship has  had on my daughter  Lauren. The internship not only  continued to build on the foundation  already in Lauren's life, but  strengthened her character to a whole  new  level; fully preparing her for the  next step  she is called to go to.  Lauren's  confidence  has soared because of her 2 year  experience as a BTG intern. The internship also opened doors, allowing Lauren to speak to her generation in a format she never had access to before, ultimately fulfilling her desire to do volunteer work, while using and developing her unique talents.  The BTG internship was the perfect fit for Lauren to grow personally, discover her talents, make life long friendships, all the while joining a team with a mission to reach this generation of hurting teens."


 FALL 2013. Graduated 2nd Year  Intern  after  being accelerated during  her 1st Year.

 "Break the Grey was an experience I will  never regret, I learned skills and talents I  never knew I had! Being surrounded by  peers who accepted and supported me  has  been a privilege that I am extremely  thankful for. Without a doubt, I am  leaving  Break the Grey a far more  confident person  then I arrived."

 FALL 2013. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "My experience with Break the Grey has  been one of transformation both  personally and spiritually. I am not  leaving  BTG the same man I was when I  entered it.  I came through the purple  door to a house  of strangers and now I  leave it with a  family."


 FALL 2013. Graduated 2nd Year Intern.

 "Break the Grey has forever impacted not  only the lives of tens of thousands of  students across the country, but my life  as  well. To travel around and put smiles  on  the faces of crying students, to bring  LIFE  to those choosing death, and hope  to this  hurting generation has been an  incredible  honor and opportunity and I  wouldn't  change my experience here for  anything in  the world."

 FALL 2013. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "During my experience with Break the  Grey, I have grown in self confidence,  leadership, and above all I gained a  family.  I've gotten to stand in schools  and bring  hope to kids who had none and  watched  hundreds reach out for the first  time. I am  very thankful that I took a  leap of faith to  be a part of this amazing  organization and  it has truly changed my  life forever!"


 FALL 2013. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "Growing up, people always told me that  confidence is key. That is one of the main  benefits I received from being a BTG  Intern-confidence. Not only in myself  and my  ability to help people, but also in  love &  faithfulness, in my fellow interns  (my brothers & sisters!), and in the  incredible greatness inside of my  generation!"

 SUMMER 2013, FALL 2013. Graduated 1st  Year and Summer Intern.

 "Break the Grey has taught me so much!!  It's taught me to love deeper, trust more,  and to honor others. I'm so glad that I  was  able to be a part of this internship!"


 WINTER 2012. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "I have become a more independent  person. I have learned to work with  people more  effectively and easily. I  have become so  much more outgoing. My  experience here  has been great and  impacted my life in such  wonderful  ways."

 FALL 2012, SUMMER 2013, FALL 2013.  Graduated 1st Year, 2nd Year, and  Summer  Internship. Currently Married to  Alumni  Kyle Calhoun, who she met at the  Internship. 

 "Being a Break the Grey intern has  permanently changed the course of my  life. Working together to change lives all  across this nation has taught me so much  about myself, life, and unconditional  love.  I wouldn't be the person I am today  if I  hadn't come to Break the Grey, and for that I am eternally grateful."


 FALL 2012, FALL 2013, SUMMER 2014, 
 FALL 2014. Graduated 1st Year, 2nd year,  Summer, and 3rd Year Internship. Was  Associate  Intern Director with Break the  Grey until May 2016. 

 "It has been my biggest accomplishment  to graduate as a 3rd year with BTG. It  truly  has been an honor to stand next to  Bill,  Jodie, Amy, and the rest of the BTG  staff the past 3 years. They never  stopped  believing in me even when I  didn't believe  myself. They pushed me to become the woman they all knew I wanted to become. I am so thankful for the opportunities Break the Grey has given me, and I can't wait to see what is going to happen next as I continue this journey as the Associate Intern Director."


 "Break the Grey has been an amazing  experience for my daughter. She has  learned to have confidence in herself and  that she is important, all while teaching  others how important they are. Alexis has  had the opportunity to travel and make a  difference in many young peoples lives.  BTG has become family to her. I am so  thankful that BTG has given Alexis so  many  wonderful opportunities."


 FALL 2012. Graduated 2nd Year Intern.  Associate Intern Director FALL 2013.

 "Looking into the crowds of thousands of  teenagers week after week, watching  their  eyes enter the gyms empty and  lightless,  but leaving filled with hope.  This is simply  one of many blessings that  Break the Grey  has giving me. I have had  the opportunity to  excel in many ways  from leadership to  submission. I am  thankful to be a part of  this  organization, be a graduate, and staff."

 FALL 2012. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "My year at Break The Grey has been life  changing, In nine months I've dealt  with  many different struggles and I've  overcome it all! Last fall, I was the only  male intern which in itself was a  struggle,  but time went on, and it's now  May. The  time has flown by and now  other doors  have opened. I am very  excited to be  stepping into this next  season."


 FALL 2012. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "Imagine this, you are young performer  with  your life crumpled around you. Your  mom is  medically insane, your father is  addicted to  drugs and you are in charge  of taking care  of your many siblings. I  went through a life  of drinking, drugs  and promiscuity. My  Senior year I turned  my life around, and  that's when I was  introduced to BTG. My  biggest dream in  life was to perform and  help people.  Well Here I am 19 years old  and living my dream. BTG has brought out the best in me and taught me a lot about who I really am."

 FALL 2012. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "Break the Grey has been the most  amazing  experience of my life. Yes there  have been  ups and downs, broken noses,  lots of  blood, cuts, and bruises but in  the end I've  been blessed abundantly. I  have grown so  much in every way and  more into the kind  of woman I want to  be. Getting a once in a  lifetime chance  to make an impact and  difference in  thousands of students lives  all around  the nation. By giving them a  message of Love and hope and letting them know they are not alone, they are loved, and have value, and are so worthy."


 WINTER 2011. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "I would like to take a minute and share  my  experiences and time with Break the  Grey. I  initially received a call from  them wanting  to know if I would like to  join the team, one  week later I was on  the road traveling with  the Break the  Grey to Wisconsin. I never  imagined  myself as someone that would be  able to  travel on the road and be in front of  thousands of high school students. I was  more reserved but I knew I wanted to make  a difference in this life; I knew there was more to life then just following the norm. Looking back on my time with Break the Grey now I am so happy I decided against my nerves and just went for it. It CHANGED me and I know I got to be a part of a team that got to change countless students' lives as well. It broke me out of my shell and has helped me tremendously with all the presentations I get to do today on my business endeavors. Break the Grey has also has helped me become more outgoing and made it easier for me to socialize with people. It was also a lot of fun and we got to see and do a lot of cool things, however it also requires that you are willing to work, which molds you into a better you. Take the opportunity and make a difference in someone's life!"

 WINTER 2011. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "I wasn't sure what to expect when I came  to BTG. Since I have been here I realize  that I have become steady in my  emotions,  my confidence and my work. I  have found  out a lot about me and so  many areas of  weakness in my life have  been revealed  and strengthened. I am  still growing, every  day."


 FALL 2011. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "There is so much I could say about my  times I had in break the grey; also my  new  family thanks to the internship. As I  walk  away I will always remember how  real the  things were Bill was teaching  me... But Bill  and all the staff never  gave up on me and  pushed me to be a  better man. Break the Grey will always  be in my heart. So all I can  say now is....  D-E-A-D DEAD!!!!"

 FALL 2011. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "Throughout my time at Break the Grey I  learned both leadership and practical  ministry skills. On top of that, the impact  I had in this generation was amazing, the  thousands saved and the countless  lives changed was awesome! I use the  experience I had at Break the Grey in my  everyday life, to say that Break the Grey  affected me would be wrong... it changed  my life!"


 FALL 2011. Graduated 1st Year  Intern. Currently Married to Alumni Christi  Hutchins, who she met at the Internship.

 "Everyone's desire, deep down, is to make  some kind of difference in our world.  This  fall alone I had the opportunity to  be in  front of over 30,000 students.  Break the  Grey allowed me to actually  share hope and  SAVE LIVES of students  all over the nation.  Thiz experience is  something I would not  ever be able to  get  anywhere else."

 FALL 2011. Graduated 1st Year Intern.  Associate Intern Director 2014. Currently  Married to Alumni Nick Rogers, who she  met at the Internship. 

 "While being at Break the Grey I have had  the chance to use my story to impact  lives  of many. There are many ladies  that do not  realize their beauty and  their significance  and to be a part of  them discovering who  they were created  to be is HUGE!! When  you catch a  glimpse of the impact myself  and the rest of the Break the Grey team are making on this generation, it changes your entire perspective in life!"


 FALL 2011. Graduated 1st Year Intern.

 "Break the Grey has impacted my life  more  than I could have ever imagined it  would. It  gave me the chance to share  my story and  help teens that struggled  with the same  issues. BTG has given me a  voice that I was  able to change lives  with, and for that I can  never  thank them enough!"

 FALL 2010. Graduated 1st Year Intern.  BTG's first Intern.

 "Break the Grey was so influential in my  life, I was the first intern EVER to  complete a full year with BTG, and when  I started I'm pretty sure I was the  youngest  team member (I was a junior in  high-school  and did "road-school"). It was  a great  experience and I wouldn't change  it one bit. I learned how to be  comfortable in front of thousands of  people and it really  opened my eyes to the need for influential people to reach teenagers about making good choices around the U.S. I also had a hand in writing the skit "Beautiful". Since BTG, I have started college and am also working full time at an Orthodontist Office. I will forever be thankful for the time I had will Bill, Jodie and all of our team!"