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Fort Wayne, Indiana: 'THE CAST LIVE' is a talk show, starring Billy Ballenger, Host & Founder of Break the Grey.
Other Hosts & Co-Hosts Include; Anna Pranger (BTG's Director of Internship), Briana Danean (BTG's Director of Performing Arts), and Break the Grey Interns. The Cast Live features many special guests and topics that include: student interest stories, pop-culture, family issues, honoring school administrators, musical segments, and more.
'THE CAST LIVE' airs Wednesdays @ 8pm on our Facebook. #thecastlive
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The Indiana based organization, Break the Grey, and its founders, Billy & Jodie Ballenger have worked for years to make a difference in the lives of young people and their families. Having in their own words "been through HELL" themselves, and landed in prison through a series of unhealthy detrimental choices, they launched a school assembly program in 2005 offering presentations, that through motivational speaking and the performing arts, would impact students in the public school systems across America and Canada to live and not die.
Little did they know how helping students could impact the entire family as a whole. Thus the reason for 'The Cast Live,' a live, internet-based, television talk show with a mission to expand Break the Grey's message platform into a social media driven, sight and sound generation. The Cast Live complements the powerful, high-energy concerts and intense, raw acting performances and speaking in the assemblies. This all is designed to bring into reality the effects our choices make on our lives and those around us.
When asked to give a more defined meaning behind the show, Billy Ballenger says, "I have seen a developing dissention and dishonoring between the generations, the effects of hiding behind social media and fake news, and an unwillingness for some teenagers and families to stop turning a blind eye, and see truth for what it is. The Cast Live offers some authentic and legitimate discussion on the life threatening issues that have been long swept under the rug. Over 300,000 students have been affected and impacted by the message we bring. Now it is time to expand, and take back some territory on social media that has been abused, somehow convincing us it is perfectly okay to believe the lies. We are bringing truth and hope back to a desperately hopeless generation.
One of our strongest themes of the show is to bring honor to those who deserve it, specifically those in law-enforcement and military, local and civil peace keepers, and last but not least, the teachers, coaches, cafeteria workers etc. that give their entire lives to keep us safe and work with and care for our children and grandchildren on a daily basis. I am blessed to have the opportunity to make a difference in this way, and through this platform. Little did I know, that multiple appearances on television, recording music, touring, and speaking in front of thousands would prepare us for this moment. Without even knowing it, our many friends, partners, and supporters, as well as the Break the Grey student alumni, have pioneered this show and this moment in time.
We, as a team, choose to run and not walk. We fully intend to figure out what it takes to make this show effective, positive, and real. In the schools, we are known for telling it like it is, and I expect this show to be just as influential. So, look out, television markets, because here we come.
Lastly, I think it is very humbling to do what we do. I learned a long time ago that when your door opens, you should walk through it, and act like you're supposed to be there. Believe in yourself and your team. Pray like God is doing it, and work like you are doing it."
"It's not rocket science, it only feels like it." & "Don't be afraid to look silly." - Harry Connick Jr.
"Never think you're smarter than your audience." - Larry King
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